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Companies try to run lean in the face of economic uncertainty, and a popular tactic for keeping the payroll down is to outsource Web development, new media and other IT services. It’s a trend that has fueled consistent growth for Winning Strategies ITS.

John Gayeski, president of Winning Strategies ITS, says the company’s revenue jumped 120 percent in the last three years as businesses began outsourcing their online management. John Gayeski, president, said his Newark company’s revenue has jumped 120 percent in the last three years, as businesses looked outside their own walls to manage their online presence.

The company is the independent technology consulting sister company to marketing firm Winning Strategies, also in Newark.

Winning Strategies ITS develops online marketing strategies, websites and new media tactics for its clients. That includes leveraging platforms like Facebook for companies unsure of how to connect with the social media audience.

Meanwhile, a digital strategies division focuses on application development, website development and online marketing. The managed services group focuses on enterprise networking services, desktop support and cloud computing services. “We also own and operate our own data center,” he said.

The company serves clients who are moving their advertising investments from billboards to the Web, Gayeski said. “They are trying to shift away from impression-based advertising and get down to some more meaningful and measurable results.”

Gayeski said his company has a few large clients, but primarily works with businesses with 20 to 100 employees.

Small to midsize companies, in particular, look for savings by eliminating their in-house IT personnel, he said: “They were letting them go and still needed someone to manage their networks and infrastructure.”

And changes within the company, such as a greater focus on online digital strategies and online marketing, have helped Winning Strategies ITS take advantage of the emerging needs in the market, he said.

Verizon Communications became a client of Winning Strategies ITS through an introduction by the Winning Strategies sister company.

“We had a goal to change the market’s perception of how they viewed us,” said Pamela Harris-Straughn, senior integrated marketing manger with Verizon. “We wanted to move toward having the market view us as an innovative leader in technology.”

Harris-Straughn said Verizon began working with Winning Strategies ITS in 2007, when the telecommunications provider began rolling out FiOS TV to New Jersey customers.

Winning Strategies ITS created an online game show called Ultimate Eye Candy to help generate buzz for the New Jersey launch. It also created a contest platform that jointly promoted a Taylor Swift concert tour and FiOS service. Contestants could upload videos of themselves singing the country chanteuse’s hits that other fans would vote on.

Gayeski said as the number of clients has grown, so has the scope of his work. “We’ve been getting engaged by much larger companies, which is going to lead to much more considerable contracts,” he said.

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